Paranormal Entity – The Finley Murder Tapes (2009)

Paranormal Entity – The Finley “Murder” Tapes (2009)

Paranormal Entity is a 2009 american mockbuster film directed by Shane Van Dyke (Dr. Alex Smith from “Diagnosis: Murder” and grandson of Dick Van Dyke).
A “mockbuster” film is a (commonly cheap) copy of a succesful movie, in this case the low-budget sensation “Paranormal Activity”. The film also takes references to the movie “The Entity” from 1984.

The film opens up with a 911 call by Thomas Finley (Shane Van Dyke) who obviously is completely done and stumbling about a murder that occured in his house. When the police arrives they find the dead and blood drowned bodies of Thomas’ sister Samantha and Prof. Edgar Lauren, a paranormal investigator. When taken into custody Thomas claims that both were attacked by an unknown demonic force. Later he commits suicide in prison. One year later video tapes are found in the attic of the Finley’s house. “Surprisingly” these seem to confirm Thomas’ side of the story.
While up to this point the story is only told by the audio of the 911 call and various text blocks now the video footage is shown. At the beginning it does not become quite clear why Thomas chose to install video cameras in all rooms of his family home, but then both his mother Eleen (Fia Perera) and Samantha are talking about various mysterious incidents that occured half a year after their father’s dad who was killed in a car accident.
The whole thing startet when Ellen started writing letters to her dead husband and some day got the impression that David was actually writing back. But in the end this obviously was not David’s work indeed. The following sequences show the typical Poltergeist work: The phone ringing in the middle of the night, a TV set that turns on itself, doors are opening and closing, the crucifix hanging above Samantha’s bed keeps falling down numerous times. Ellen and Samantha start sleepwalking, even up into the attic and even when the two women decide to move into a hotel the ghost follows them there and drags Samantha out of the bed.
An important part of the puzzle is the word “Maron” scrambled onto a sheet of paper by Ellen one night. Thomas assumes that maybe a person with this name once got killed in their house, but does not find any evidence. The family seeks advice in form of Professor Edgar Lauren, a paranormal investigator. But Lauren is on a long vacation and does not answer their calls.
In the last part of the movie Ellen is found in her room with her arteries cut with a knife which she is still holding in her hands. Although her arms are covered with blood she is still alive (realism your name is Shane Van Dyke…) and taken to a hospital. Out of nowhere Professor Lauren appears. He is convinced that the evil force is trying to get to Samantha since most of the mysterious events took place in her room. He also knowes the origin of the word “Maron”, that is germanic for “nightmare”. The old germanic tribes believed that a “Maron” attacks the bodies of women at night. Lauren then wants to hold a sceance of some kind in Samantha’s room, but it is too late alredady. The camera turns away for a moment and in the next scene Lauren is lying dead on the floor with a big wound on his head. In the background Samantha is screaming and when Thomas gets to her he finds her lying on the floor blood-drowned and seemingly being attacked by an invisible force.
In the end titles it is said that Ellen commited suicide in the hospital after hearing about her two children’s death.

Let me just say this: I liked “Halloween 3: Season of the Witch” better… 90% of the movie are just boring and does not bring anything new to the table, at least not for people who already have seen movies like Poltergeist or Paranormal Activity. Most of the real action takes place within the last four or five scenes. Erin Maria Hogan does a good job in the role of Samantha after all, the rest of the cast does ok, but not brilliant. A lot of the video footage looks far too professional for an amateur video, things like why is the answering machine of the family’s phone heard repeatatly but actually the only phone in the house is a simple cellular phone get stick into your head since the actual plot of the film bores you to death.
Maybe the second part of the series “8213: John Wayne Gacy House” will do the trick…

Paranormal Entity – The Finley “Murder” Tapes
aka: Paranormal Investigations 3
Genre: Horror, Mockbuster
Release Year: 2009
Country of Production: USA
Directed By: Shane Van Dyke
Distributed by: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Plot copied from: Paranormal Activity
Successor film: Paranormal Entity 2 – 8213 John Gacy House

Thomas Finley Shane Van Dyke
Samantha Finley Erin Marie Hogan
Ellen Finley Fia Perera
Prof. Edgar Lauren Norman Saleet